Doing Different Things or Doing It Differently? – Rice Intensification Practices in 13 States of India

Can the System of Rice Intensification be the answer to meet the country’s future rice demand? A macro-level study covering 13 major rice-growing states indicates that fields with have a higher average yield compared to non- fields. Out of the four core components typically recommended, 41% adopted one component, 39% adopted two to three components, and only 20% adopted all the components. Full adopters recorded the highest yield increase (31%), but all adopters had yields higher than those that used conventional practices. They also had higher gross margins and lower production costs compared to non- fields. Though the rice yield of the country can significantly increase under and modified practices, there are major constraints that have to be tackled before this can be achieved.
Vol – XLVIII No. 08, February 23, 2013 | K Palanisami, K R Karunakaran, Upali Amarasinghe, and C R Ranganathan Special Articles


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