No access to credit to Tenant Farmers in AP: RDI Study

A study done by Rural Development Institute in 22 villages in Warangal, Nalgonda,Vishakapatnam, East Godavari and Kurnool districts of AP concluded that tenant farmers access to credit is still very low inspite of govt initiating loan eligibility cards

  • As per the revenue records AP has 17,47,901 tenant farmers
  • during 2011-12, 6,80,226 tenant farmers have applied for loan eligibility cards and 5,13,655 of them have received the card. ¬†in this only 2,37,522 have renewed during the following year
  • situation became worse in 2012-13. only 4,80,083 tenant farmers have applied and 3,95,207 farmers have received the cards
  • 2011-12 the total agricultural credit received by tenant farmers is Rs. 390 cr which about 1% of total agricultural credit. ¬†during 2012-13 it is only Rs. 133 cr.
  • in most of the villages still money lenders play important role


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