The farm crisis: why have over one lakh farmers killed themselves in the past decade? Parliament lecture, 2007 by Sainath

070906 Sainath Parlimentary lecture Farm Crisis

Speaker’s Lecture Series: Parliament House, Sept. 6, 2007
The farm crisis: why have over one lakh farmers killed themselves in the past decade?
P. Sainath
Rural Affairs Editor, The Hindu
We, as a nation, are in the worst agrarian crisis in four decades. It is impossible to cover such a large issue in full. So I am going to be dealing with it in fragments today. I would like to stress that the crisis is so deep, so advanced that: firstly, no State, nobody, is exempt from this and it is not to be seen as the crisis of one State or one Government or one Party. It is a national crisis and we need to respond to it as such. It is a huge thing. In that crisis, the suicides are merely, however tragic, just a symptom and not the disease. They are a consequence, not the process.


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