Pakistan Rice Scientist Develops Strain Which Grows 6-Feet Tall with 15 Tons Per Hectare Yield

By news desk on November 15,2012



A scientist from Pakistan’s Hazara University Mansehra has claimed that he has successfully developed a giant rice strain that can grow with less water than conventional rice plants and give the highest yield in the world at 15 tons per hectare which is almost four times the current world average rice yield of around 4 tons per hectare.

Professor Fida M Abbasi told local sources that he used the Super NPT technology to develop the new rice strain which is not found anywhere in the world now. He said that by applying the Super NPT technology the new rice strain grew about 6 feet tall, had a thick stem and had large and heavy panicles about 50 centimeters long with around 700 grains each. The new rice strain also matures faster than normal rice plants and can be used as fodder.

Professor Abbasi claims that rice production using the new technology tripled from 5 tons per hectare to around 15 tons per hectare. Last year, Professor Abbasi was in news for developing a rice strain that gave a yield of around 12 tons per hectare. He had then told local sources that he developed the rice strain with his own money.

Prior to Professor Abbasi’s achievement, the Chinese agricultural scientist 80-year-old Yuan Longping, also known as the “Father of Hybrid Rice”, was credited with developing the super grain rice which has a yield of around 13.9 tons per hectare. Yuan aims to improve the yield of the super grain rice to 15 tons per hectare by 2020.
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