Economics of Organic Farming: A case study of Dhule district (M.S.)

By   September 15, 2012
Author(s): Shivaji B. Patil and Pawar Vishal S.
The present paper is to investigate the of . The concept of or natural farming came forward from Asian countries. This
art of farming already preserved and cultivated by Indian and Chinese farmer. Before the invention of chemical fertilizer farming is cultivated in organic farming way. even today the organic farming is increased all over the world due to environment point of view, health point of view and as well as economic point of view. Thus in the present paper it is find out economical benefit of organic farming with compare to chemical farming

One Comment on “Economics of Organic Farming: A case study of Dhule district (M.S.)

  1. Dilipbhai Shah

    Organic Farming, no doubt has immense value added features. However, the law of Cost-Volume & Benefit do play vital role for not being self sustained inspiring and hence not getting encouraged. Health conscious people, however shall have to adopt the organic food, virtually, at the end. Future of organic farming, if getting organized well, is bright, globally.

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