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Decorated bullock-carts being taken in a procession at DDS programme on bio-diversity at Pastapur in Medak on Monday. —PHOTO: MOHD ARIF
Finally, women working to protect nature and making efforts for self-sustenance under the guidance of Deccan Development Society (DDS) led by its director P.V. Satheesh, are set get due recognition.

Major Industries Minister J. Geeta Reddy, who participated as a chief guest in the concluding programme of the Bio-diversity Festival at this remote village in Medak district on Monday said that it had been decided to emulate the example of millet cultivation with organic forming across the district. The farmers from other areas would be called here and shown how to cultivate millets even in adverse weather conditions. If not, the women farmers from this area would be taken to other parts of the district to explain them on how to do it. The responsibility has been entrusted to Joint Collector A. Sharath.

It was also decided to present ‘J. Eswaribai Memorial Award’ to the women working in the DDS for sustaining the traditional crops, protecting the soil health and people’s health by supplying nutritious organic food and standing as an example to the farming community across the nation. The award would be presented on February 24 at Hyderabad by Chief Minister N. Kiran Kumar Reddy.

Dr. Geeta Reddy was so impressed with what the women in her constituency were doing that she saluted them, literally.

“The nation has to learn a lot from you. You are teaching lessons to the farming community on how to face adverse weather conditions and cultivate multiple crops that will save peoples’ health as well as that of soil. This is a silent revolution that has been taking place in this remote area which needs due recognition,”’ she said. She has also felicitated some women farmers who narrated their experiences.


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