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Investment and Devastation: Saraswati Kavula English Translation of the telugu article published in Andhra Jyothi on the recent partnership summit In the recently concluded Partnership Summit, our chief minister has claimed that the state was going to get 6.5 lakh crore rupees of investments and of that 1lakh crore FDI. This according to their claims would mean 6.78 lakh… Continue reading »

Group. The Greed : Mega RevolutionFoundations, Agribusiness Muscle In On Public Goods

Big Agribusiness Influence Threatens to Override Public Interest in Greed Revolution A new 30-page report that documents the growing influence of agribusiness on the multilateral food system and the lack of transparency in research funding has been released today by the international civil society organization ETC Group. The Greed : Mega RevolutionFoundations, Agribusiness Muscle In On Public… Continue reading »

Veg or Non-Veg? India at Cross Roads a report by Brighter Green

A new policy paper, Veg or Non-Veg? India at the Crossroads (PDF), published by Brighter Green, a New York-based public policy action tank. Using the entry point of climate change, the paper documents the effects of the expansion and intensification of the livestock sector for India’s food security, resource utilization, and issues of equity and sustainability. Through data and… Continue reading »

Policy Opportunities for Agroecology A strategy session to discuss policy opportunities to promote ecological and equitable models of sustainable food production and consumption. Friday 6th January, 13:30 to 15:30, Old Law Library Chaired by: Patrick Mulvany Speakers: Julia Wright, Geoff Tansey, Michel Pimbert While “local food webs”, many of them ecological, will continue to feed most people in… Continue reading »

Fertilizer subsidy bill may touch Rs. 95,000 cr New Delhi: India’s spending on fertilizer subsidy for selling the farming ingredient below market price is expected to rise 12% in the current fiscal compared with the government’s estimates in February, according to the fertilizer ministry. The fertilizer subsidy is expected to increase to Rs. 95,000 crore in the year to 31 March from the Rs. 85,000 crore… Continue reading »


Press Release of “Public Awareness on Genetically Modified Foods”   “” New Delhi, January 12th 2012: A prominent advertisement by Mahyco-Monsanto Biotech Ltd titled “Bollgard boosts the Indian cotton farmers’ income by over Rs. 31,500 crores” that appeared in Hindustan Times on August 30th 2011, was found to be not substantiated in its claims by the Advertising… Continue reading »

Experts voice apprehension over food security : 100 yrs of paddy research and beyond COIMBATORE, JAN. 9: Government officials and ICAR experts today urged rice scientists to wake up to reality and ensure food security for all in the coming years. In a nutshell, the officials, while stating that the foodgrain production scenario looked comfortable at present, voiced apprehension about the future in view of the erratic weather… Continue reading »