Policy Opportunities for Agroecology


A strategy session to discuss policy opportunities to promote ecological and equitable models of sustainable food production and consumption.

Friday 6th January, 13:30 to 15:30, Old Law Library

Chaired by: Patrick Mulvany

Speakers: Julia Wright, Geoff Tansey, Michel Pimbert

While “local food webs”, many of them ecological, will continue to feed most people in the world, “top-level processes” will grab the headlines. Some will culminate in 2012, including the UN Rio+20 conference and the launch of the ‘Green Economy’. Other UN processes, on the governance of food, biodiversity and climate change will continue to seek sustainable outcomes. In Europe, CAP reforms will be a hot topic. The UK will stage a global scientific event “Planet under Pressure” which will discuss solutions, at all scales, to move societies on to a sustainable pathway, providing scientific leadership towards Rio+20.

In this context, the session will focus on how to change mindsets towards the benefits of ecological and equitable models of sustainable food production and consumption in the UK, Europe and Internationally. What opportunities exist for the UK’s and the world’s pressure groups to influence thinking and the outcomes? How can the small-scale food producers’ policy proposal of food sovereignty take root – a proposal which addresses all aspects of sustainability?

The session will ask questions about the UK’s food footprint in its export of unsustainable models of production to other regions. Also questions about the UK’s demands from other regions for commodities produced industrially using British technologies and products may be addressed. These are topics that are also likely to feature prominently in discussions in the run-up to the UK’s 2013 Presidency of G8/G20.


Audio is available in both Windows Media (WMA) and MP3 formats


Introduction: Patrick Mulvany – opportunities to promote ‘Ecological Food Provision’ in the framework of food sovereignty (8 min) Presentation (PDF 130Kb);  Audio (WMA 1Mb);  Audio (MP3 1.2Mb)

Julia Wright: how to ‘Change Mindsets’ towards the benefits of ecological and equitable models of sustainable food production and consumption in the UK (13 min) Presentation (PDF 280Kb)Audio (WMA 1.7Mb)Audio (MP3 2.4Mb)

Michel Pimbert: how to promote thinking about the ‘Transformation of the Food System’at all levels so that it puts the realisation of food sovereignty at its heart (13 min)Presentation (PDF 860Kb)Audio (WMA 1.7Mb)Audio (MP3 2.4Mb)

Geoff Tansey: why and how food is at the heart choosing our future world, who’ll dominate it, in part through the ‘New Enclosures’ facilitated by the extension to living systems of the global patent regime, etc (15 min) Presentation (PDF 247Kb)Audio (WMA 2Mb)Audio (MP3 2.9Mb)

Discussion We will discuss and seek ideas about how to develop and occupy policy and communications spaces, identifying who will help achieve this. Panel Comments (11 Min) Audio (WMA 1.4Mb)Audio (MP3 1.9Mb)

Actions: for example, developing work in support of the APPG Agroecology – proposal for a UK Agroecology Alliance. Download PDF of UK Agroecology Alliance paper (250kb)

Final Discussion and Panel comments (26 min) Audio (WMA 3.2Mb)Audio (MP3 4.6Mb)



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