2011: A Dark year for farmers in AP

The year 2011 was one of the darkest years for farmers.  Season, Technology and Policy all failed them.  This year would be recording the highest farmers suicides in the history after 2003-04.  The kind of negligence, lopsided policies by NDA at the centre, TDP at the state are repeating again.  Every political party is seen to be using the occasion to voo the voters for electoral gains, and for corporates every disaster is turned to be a big business.

  • in Andhra Pradesh for the first time large number of farmers have declared crop holiday in about 2 lakh acres in protest against the low MSPs and lack of procurement.
  • On average farmers suicides are 10/day in AP
  • Large land aquisition, land shift from agriculture, police firings on protesters against thermal power plants, petro corridors, mining…
  • Crop failed in more than 85 lakh acres (official estimations) across the state due to severe drought and power failures
  • 200 farmers died with electrical shocks and snake bites while going to field midnight to irrigate.  The irregular power and late night power led to this situation.
  • Cotton area has increased to 47 lakh acres a whooping 25% of the cultivated area more than forefolds increase in the last one decade.  this year about 34 lakh acres crop failed with an average yield of only 1 q/acre
  • pesticide poisoning cases again surfaced in several districts
  • for the first time a agriculturally important state had no agriculture minster and no vice chancellors for both the agriculture and horticulture universities
  • New draft legislation which will have long lasting impacts on farming were initiated and are pending before state and centre.  some of them include Seed Bill 2004, Biotechnology Regulatory Authority Bill, Pesticide Management Bill, FDI in Retail sector, Food Security Bill, Land Acquisition, Resettlement and Rehabilitation bill etc
  • Major scandals from Scientific organisations surfaced.  The Pigeon Pea Genome scandal and Bt Cotton Scandal from UAS Dharwar.

Wish things would change in the coming year.



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