Report on farmer suicides to be submitted on 15th November, 2011

K Jayakumar
WAYANAD: A high level official team appointed by the government to inquire into the rising number of farmer suicides has said that the agrarian crisis in the district was severe. 

Additional chief secretary K Jayakumar, who heads the panel, said yesterday that the price fall of crops compounded the ordeal of farmers who are already reeling under the price hike of fertilisers. 

“We have found out that the issue is serious and requires urgent government intervention. A detailed picture of the looming crisis would be submitted to the government tomorrow for alerting them to take suitable steps,” said Jayakumar. 

In a short span of a few weeks, three farmers had committed suicide in the district reportedly due to mounting debt. 

The government has taken the situation seriously with the next cabinet meeting scheduled tomorrow is expected to come out with immediate steps asking the commercial banks to go slow on going ahead with recovery procedures against farmers and also provide some relief through a bailout package for the beleaguered farmers.

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