India to redraft Food Security Bill

The redrafted Bill will keep the option open for supplying more than three kgs of subsidised foodgrains in case of increased output

Submitted on 10/31/2011 – 11:48:31 AM

New Delhi: The government has decided to redraft the National Food Security Bill to keep the option open for supplying more than three kilograms of subsidised foodgrains to general households in case of increased output.

Food Minister KV Thomas told media persons that after receiving public comments and views of state governments on the draft Food Bill, the Centre has decided to make some changes while finalising the Bill.

In the present form of draft Food Bill, the Food Ministry has proposed that the government will supply 3 kilograms of rice and wheat per person per month, falling under general households’ category at a price not exceeding 50 per cent of the Minimum Support Price (MSP).

The draft National Food Security Bill seeks to provide a legal entitlement to subsidised food grains to 75 per cent of the country’s rural population and 50 per cent of urban India.

The Minister said, the government has decided to remove the condition of extending benefits to general households only in states where the Public Distribution System, PDS, is modernised.

Thomas said, the cash-handout of 1,000 rupees per month for six months to pregnant and lactating women will be extended to the entire country instead of 52 districts.
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