Living Queues: Price farmers are paying for our self sufficiency

In Andhra Pradesh crop season used to start with Eruvaka….as it is called, farmers used to celebrate the onset of crop season and prepare their land. Days have changed. Monsoon don’t set as usual so…it starts with praying for a raingod… marrying frogs…carrying water to god…etc…in today’s world frogs are more dependable than the Meteorological department.

Then, by April end the farmers have to stand in queues for the seed of cotton, groundnut or paddy. the queues would be longer…in Ananthapur the queues for Groundnut seed would 4-5 km long and farmers have to stand for 2-3 days the queues. In nights…some leave chappals, bricks to mark their seat…government never told them that they can as well reuse the seed as groundnut is highly self pollinated crop and flowers do not even open leaving no chance for contamination…the state seed corporation and department of agriculture which were paid to serve the farmers needs now buy seed from the market and distribute.

with Bt cotton coming in Queues grew longer and spread to other districts as well. This year we could see such queues in all parts of the states. The seed prices are increasing but no seed is available.

In the meantime the queues for agriculture credit begins. The farmers have to stand in Queues for crop loans (if they own a land) or before private money lender.

The long standing in these queues do not fetch them any loan but only a paper that the loan is bookadjusted…in Andhra Pradesh more than 82 % of the farmers have atleast a unpaid loan of Rs. 25,000.

Then comes the fertiliser queues. Scientists and Governments have made farmers intoxicated for fertilisers. We are all told that we cannot grow crops with fertilisers…the fetiliser use is increasing and the production of fertilisers is not able to meet the growing demand. The government gives fetiliser subsidies which is also increasing the fertiliser cues. in 2009 it reached 1.20 lakh crores which is 15 % in Indian Budget 2 % more than Defence Budget. between 2004 and 2009 the fertiliser subsidy increased by more than 650 %

If every thing goes well farmers have to again stand in queues for selling their produce. many times they may have to sleep in the market yards to sell their produce. last few years there is no increase in the prices and procurement has also stopped.

After all these what they get would be less than what they spend.
This is the price are paying for ‘our’ self suffiency….farmers lost their self sufficiency…after 64 years of independence is this what we want?
Is this the Swaraj? when do we get Kisan Swaraj?


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