Farmers told not to depend on MNCs for seeds, fertilizers


‘ The native varieties of seeds are better suited to Indian conditions’


‘Form network to exchange information’

Dependence on MNCs has pushed farmers to brink

Steps towards liberation:Kadidal Shamanna handing over a packet of native variety of seeds to a farmer in Shimoga on Thursday.

Shimoga: Kadidal Shamanna, farmers’ leader, has urged farmers not to depend on multi-national corporations for seeds and fertilizers.

He was speaking at a programme organised here on Thursday under the aegis of Sahaja Samrudha organisation to distribute native varieties of seeds among farmers.

High yield

He said farmers should exchange the native varieties of seeds and free themselves from the clutches of MNCs. The native varieties of seeds had the capacity to deliver high yield by braving vagaries of weather. Research had proved that some native strains had medicinal quality. The practice of exchanging seeds had been prevalent prior to the green revolution. The system needed to be revived and farmers should develop a network to exchange seeds and share knowledge of farming, he said.

The excessive dependence on MNCs for seeds and fertilizers had pushed farmers to dire straits.

Referring to the incident of the police firing on farmers who were protesting for fertilizers in Haveri, he said that such a situation could be avoided by promoting farmers to become self-reliant.


The nationwide campaign against Bt brinjal proved that farmers were against genetic engineering. He said genetic engineering would create serious imbalance in the nature.

Agriculture expert Krishnaprasad said farmers who grow cotton, maize, and sunflower had lost the freedom to select seeds. MNCs engaged in seed business were trying to deceive farmers by creating myths in the name of genetic engineering. The high-yielding varieties introduced by MNCs had failed in Indian conditions, he said.

Native seeds

Chikkaswamy of Karnataka Rajya Raitha Sangha said farmers should collect, process, and exchange the high-yield varieties of native seeds.

Progressive farmer Revanasiddappa of Sindhanur spoke on how the native varieties of seeds became popular in Sindhanur region.

Leaders of Raitha Sangha H.R. Basavarajappa and Joint Director of Agriculture Dr. Shivamurthappa were present.

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