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Farmers: The endangered Species- Economic Imprisonment Results in suicides

Pradeep Gawande     Kheti kare so Mare, India Today( March7, 2001).The swelling ‘Register of Deaths,The Hindu (December 29, 2005)Farmers to sell kidneys to raise capital, The Times of India (Feb 2006) Media carries the tragic tales of two different entities namely India and Bharat. These different entities are otherwise heterogeneously yoked together in the name of patriotism and unity in diversity.   However, in terms of social and economic justice, national income distribution they are poles apart.                 Farmer’s leader Sharad Joshi who used to plough a coloumn in ToI titled ‘Bharat Speaks’ finds thousands of farmers speaking through their tale- telling   suicides. .Addressing a mahila rally at Amravati Joshi […]

Corporate invasion is in full swing, only people's power can overthrow it The nation is under attack from multinational corporations. They are occupying space every where displacing the people and the state. Our life, livelihood and freedom are at stake. Governments are lying prostrate at the feet of corporate colonialism Wherever the masses are up in arms against it, the entire state machinary comes down heavily on them with a view to crush their voice and upsurge. Foreign companies and forces are operating here with no police or military force of their own. Instead, governments are working as their loyal security guards. Corporate invasion is manifold, from all sides and on all fronts. During 15-16 years of corporate-led global economic regime, […]

403 farmers commit suicide over five years in Gujarat

New Delhi, October 11: As many as 403 farmers committed suicide in Gujarat in the last five years. Junagadh district topped the list with 85 suicides in the state. The data was furnished by the Gujarat Government to an application filed under Right To Information (RTI) Act by activist Bharatsinh Jhala. The data informed that there were 62 such cases in Rajkot, followed by 50 in Jamnagar and 48 in Mehsana. The applicant sought details on the number of farmers suicides in the state where floods had devastated the life and property in 2005, 2006 and 2007. As per the data, 36 farmers have ended their lives in 2007 itself, […]

More than 3000 participate in Global Vigil for Farmers on Gandhi Jayanti

Even as the United Nations declared October 2nd as the International Day of Non-Violence, a unique event was unfolding around the world which was perhaps closer to Gandhi’s principles and actions. More than 3000 people including 1000 NRIs took part in “Our Food, Our Farmers” global vigil in 58 locations. Responding to the call for a coordinated global event by Association for India’s Development (AID), dozens of organizations participated and voiced their solidarity with the farmers and expressed outrage at the policies which are deepening the crisis. Remarkably, these vigils drew thousands from urban India and NRI community who are typically very distant from the realities of rural India, and […]

Care for those who feed the nation

Our Food, Our Farmers, Our Agriculture Mass Candlelight Vigil on October 2nd, 2007 to support Indian farmers and Agriculture On 2nd October, several concerned citizens and groups across the world are coming together to remind the governments that agrarian distress is not to be ignored, that farmers’ suicides are continuing in an unacceptable manner in India and that farmers continue to reel under huge debt burden caused by rising costs of cultivation & living, unremunerative prices due to liberalisation and dismantled public support structures.  As concerned and responsible citizens and members of the civil society, we request you to lend your solidarity to Indian farmers and our agriculture by joining us […]

Village for Sale: Farmers in Crisis

Over 25,000 farmers in India have committed suicide between 1990 and 2006, many of whom owed less than Rs.8,000, writes Jaskaran Singh. (Inset): Sikh farmers in a village in Punjab. A farming crisis has led to a spate of suicides in this agriculturally rich state. (Above): A Punjab village. Its outwardly calm exterior belies a severe economic crisis that has hit the farming community. (Photos: Amritsar Times) Amid all the hoopla over India’s much vaunted economic reforms, a silent crisis has been stalking India’s rural hinterland. Amid the bright lights, glitz and glamour of India’s rising clout in IT and BPO, this is a much darker legacy of India’s economic liberalization […]

"King" Bt cotton stumbles… On March 9th India celebrated the fact that, according to the latest figures released by Forbes magazine, more billionaires call it home than any other Asian nation, a honor held by Japan for the last two decades. Being Indian that made me happy, but only so much. March also saw a spate of farmer suicides across the country, something that has been going on for a while in the nation’s rural villages, some worse affected than the others. In India, unfortunately, one becomes immune to the harsh disparities between the rich and the poor, but this contrast was a little too stark for me. The rich had just got […]

Vidharbha in flames… A local legislator attempted suicide in the legislative assembly, frustrated by all other methods to alert the state to the farmers suicidesDIONNE BUNSHAIn Vidarbha, MaharashtraIt was time for a reality check. In the safe confines of the legislative assembly, Maharashtra’s politicians witnessed a dose of the real world last week. Gulabrao Gavande, a Shiv Sena legislator, wanted them to wake up to the daily tragedy of the Vidarbha countryside. So, he rushed to the floor of the assembly and poured a bottle of kerosene on himself. Then, he opened a bottle of pesticide and was about to swallow it when other legislators rushed to stop him. Gavande was banned […]

Some issues on Nandigram

People’s Democracy, Vol. XXXI, No. 13, April 01, 2007 Brinda Karat THE chief minister of West Bengal and the CPI(M) have expressed their deep distress and regret at the police firings and violence in Nandigram on March 14. Sympathisers, friends of the Left, democratic minded citizens have expressed their strong feelings on the issue. The matter is before the Kolkata High Court which has asked for more details. Once the investigation is over, action will no doubt be taken against those responsible for the excesses. The authorities have also registered FIRs on complaints of rape, made by four women several days after the reported incident. Urgent investigations are required and […]

India wants removal of non-tariff barrier in agriculture

SHEILA MATHRANITIMES NEWS NETWORK[ SUNDAY, MARCH 11, 2007 12:20:02 AM] GENEVA: India has joined the chorus in criticising the EU’s non-tariff barriers (NTBs) and SPS issues, and market access in agriculture at the WTO Trade Policy Review of the EC. According to the WTO Secretariat report the EC’s agriculture policies were a matter of concern with its protection by a complex tariff structure, high tariffs, tariff quotas of which some were not filled, and high levels of domestic support and export subsidies. In its intervention India informed the WTO of its steady, significant intensification of strategic partners dialogue and of a proposed agreement on trade and investment between India and […]

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