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Effective communication and presentation will help people to understand better. Whether it is about an issue to critic and find a constructive solution
An effective auditing of development support is important to make it reach the last person. We develop and use several tools to make it happen
We believe dialogue as a process of understanding and resolving issues impacting in the name of development
Krishi TV
Krishi TV is a online platform to share auidio/video from the grassroots, alternative thoughts, experiences, practices and policy dialogues about agriculture and rural development
Development regularly brings out publications in all Indian languages on policy dialogues and sustainable alternatives
Agrarian Crisis
Farming livelihoods are under a severe distress resulting in large numbers of farmers suicides. A series of lopsided public policies have led to current situation. This is a chronicle of various issues and incidents since 2007
Mitti-back to roots
Mitti-back to roots a feature film based on real life stories of agrarian crisis and sustainable alternatives in India. A first of its kind produced through crowd funding

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